DIY Cursed Gingerbread Men Cookies for the Holidays

Posted on November 05, 2013 by Christina Young | 0 Comments

There's a little love of the dark side in me that loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and all the other Tim Burton movies, so I adore these Cursed Cookies Cutters when I first laid my eyes on them. They are also featured on our website; (click here) if you have a passion for cute dark things.

I found a highly rated gingerbread men cookie recipe at All Recipes and increased the servings to 60 since the cookie cutters are rather big. I ended up with about 30 cookies (unfortunately, 4 out of 30 became casualties as I accidentally broke them during plate transferring). I noted that the longer the cookies are in the oven, the better tasting and less breakable they are, so I would recommend putting in the oven 12-15 minutes instead of 8-10 minutes that the recipe calls for.

For the icing, there are 3 different options: sugar cookie icing, decorator frosting, and royal icing. I wanted to use royal icing as they dry to a nice glossy hard finish. When I was searching for good royal icing recipes, I came across recipes that use egg whites and recipes that use meringue powder. Since I was baking for a lot of neighborhood children for Halloween, I didn't want to run the risk of serving cookies with raw egg whites. I also did not have meringue powder at hand, so I was so happy when I came across this recipe that does not call for either ingredients and they turned out just fine! It was my first time ever royal icing cookies, so I googled the techniques for doing royal icing right. There are a few tutorials online that I found very helpful: Flood or Fill Icing Tutorial, Outline Piping Icing Tutorial, and Royal Icing Technique.

Finally when they were all done, I served them on large cookie sheet trays and then placed them on a dining bench by the door for the little kids to come trick or treating. The kids were surprised and happy to see these cute cookies. One little kid even yelled out to their parents that this is "THE House"! Lol.

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