DIY Chalkboard Magnetic Paint Decor

Posted on October 03, 2013 by Christina Young | 0 Comments

As an artist, I love home decor that allows people to express their unique personal style in their homes. A fun way to introduce personality and creativity to your home is to paint one of the walls in the kitchen or living room with chalkboard paint. It's a great canvas for families to leave notes for each other, list to do lists, organize calendars, jot down recipes, arrange herbs on walls, or for kids to express their inner Picasso. Since it's black, it serves as a nice backdrop that highlights the furniture that are in the foreground. The original writings and pictures add an organic and personal touch to the home decor. To add another dimension, there is also magnetic primer that can be applied and layered underneath the chalkboard paint, so that kids can play with magnets on the walls and adults can use the magnets to hold pictures or leave fun notes for each other. For people who don't like the chalky residue that chalk leaves behind, colorful chalk markers are good alternative as they act like markers with a clean finish and can be erased with a wet cloth. Let your creativity flow!

by Love Scandi, by Ellie, Beauty 4 Ashes, by Carol McNeil, by Rhapsody, by Mr. Kate, by Kate Simmons, respectively 


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