Adorable & Practical LEGO Storage Boxes

Posted on January 28, 2014 by Christina Young | 0 Comments

I love products that are both fun in design and practical. These giant Lego storage boxes come in these beautiful bold colors that add nice pops of color to the interior space. The whimsical heads and their giant size add a playful character to the room. The Lego building blocks help us reminiscence our happy childhood days but somehow because of their giant size and bright colors, they feel strikingly modern and not dated at all. Because of their stack-able nature, it is fun to change it up and stack them differently every now and them to give some fun variance in the interior. It is also a great way to hide all the toys and knick knacks away and organize them by color coding of the bricks. Can't wait to see the new Lego movie that will be coming out next Friday.  I'm sure after watching the movie,  I will be loving these Lego heads and bricks even more since they will be infused with personality and character from the movie.  

By Harlequin Tea, By Digs Digs, By Tui Lifestyle.


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