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IRVINE, CA-POSH365.COM, a curated discounted modern and rustic home goods site is founded by a group of women who have a passion for stylish home décor. "We love fusion these days. Fusion is what makes the classics fresh again," commented Christina Young, CEO of POSH365, who has a fine arts and digital media degree from UC Berkeley.  "The idea is that modern furnishings are cool, edgy, and detached; whereas, rustic furnishings exude warmth, personality, and charms. When the combination of modern cool and rustic charms is done right, it is totally refreshing and savory."

POSH365 curators travel the world to scout out interesting stylish home goods like modern chairs and sofas, plush rugs, fun pillows, contemporary art, industrial lighting, rustic tables and cabinetry, and creative, sleek kitchenware and dining-ware.  "When we see a piece of fine furniture or home decor, if it is not something we love, it won't be shown on our site. Each piece tells a story and has a personality," Wan, one of POSH365 curators, elaborates passionately. "We appeal to the customers that have unique tastes and know what they want. They have a strong sense of style and aesthetics. We love to keep building the POSH365 community."

The POSH365 team draws inspiration from other online sources and from within their own interests. "We are constantly inspired by the romance of rustic shabby chic products and pictures on Pinterest boards, Style Me Pretty site, and Etsy shops. Yet, we are a lover of modern, urban aesthetics," Young adds. "We have a way of putting them together and finding a fine balance in between two styles. It's like matching a leather biker jacket with a pretty lacy dress, which combines the edginess with the feminine. In these days, people like to reinvent themselves, express their individuality, finding their own aesthetics, and not be boxed into a specific style. We found that there are a lot of us out there that are appealed to fusion styles, but there are not a lot of companies that curate the combination of these somewhat polarizing aesthetics together, so we decided to carve out this niche market as our competitive advantage."

POSH365 offers special members-only discount and special deals as a means to create awareness and build their customer base. Their number one goal is to keep customers happy by sourcing fresh, distinctive products that have ongoing appeal to them. Posh365 offers free shipping on orders over $75, 30 day easy returns, and will match competitor pricing.  Celebrate Life in Style with www.POSH365.COM.